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Our experienced commercial staff will help you find the payables management solution that delivers the convenience and security you need for your business.

Whether it’s managing your cash flow, enhancing your company’s operating efficiency or reducing the potential for fraud, Community State Bank understands the need to keep your payment processes running effortlessly. Contact the Treasury Management Team for more details!

Direct deposit payroll, expense reimbursement, corporate trade payments, tax payments

Initiate electronic disbursements in a cost-effective manner. Send an electronic file of requested ACH disbursements, and we will process the transactions, as well as debit your account on the settlement date. ACH Manager saves you all the time and cost of writing, reconciling and distributing checks.

    • All the benefits of a paper check, in an easy, low-cost digital solution.
    • Payments delivered in seconds, not days!
    • Integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks® & other accounting platforms.
    • Branded checks can be printed and mailed on your behalf. No check stock required!
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    When you are ready to pay an invoice, you specify which vendor to pay, which checking account to debit and the date to process the payment ... it’s that easy!

    Add a new layer of protection from fraud with CSB’s Positive Pay. This service protects your company against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud with a verification method to identify unauthorized transactions before they clear against your account.

    Initiate wire transfers and send available funds electronically the same day. It is a secure way to send money.

    Obtain greater spending power and flexibility with MasterCard® Business Debit Card – another tool to help your business operate with increased efficiency. There are a variety of other benefits offered with the Visa® Business Debit Cards, including:

    • Gain instant worldwide purchase power for business needs
    • Closely monitor all spending
    • Control expenditures by setting spending limits for each employee card holder
    • Save money by writing fewer checks
    • Eliminate the need to reimburse employees with petty cash for business expenses

    Visa® Business Debit Cards also offer a variety of other benefits, from extended warranties to liability protection. Contact the Treasury Management Team at 515-252-1185 to discuss the benefits of Business Debit Cards!

    Visa Guide to Benefits

    No annual fee. Low Rates. Rewards.

    Every business needs a credit line that is tailored to fit its needs. Our Corporate Credit Card program can help you gain more control over procurement, reduce payment-related expenses and help you monitor spending with online management tools.  Contact the Treasury Management Team at 515-252-1185 or a personal banker for more details!